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Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows

PVCu Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are the most popular window style in Europe and they are now gaining popularity among discerning architects, homeowners and designers.

Tilt-turn windows are aesthetically pleasing and of a very high quality. This window style looks stunning, whilst offering a flexible opening option for a wide variety of buildings.

The hardware on a tilt and turn window allows the sash to tilt inward at the top, for secure ventilation, or turn inward providing a wide opening for emergency egress (fire escape). When closed, this window design system seals tightly to provide outstanding thermal and acoustical performance.

How the Tilt and Turn System Operates

The window sash will swing inward when opened in the turn position; alternatively, hinges at the bottom allow it to open inward at the top. Both actions are activated by the turn of a handle, which controls all the mechanics within the frame.

There are numerous benefits to the two opening positions of the tilt and turn window system. The turn position allows ample fresh air to pass into the room, it also facilitates cleaning the window. When the window sash is open at the top, it functions as a safety precaution. Small children cannot climb up the window and fall out. The same function prevents intruders from entering a room. There is simply no way to climb up the window and fit through the small opening at the top, but ventilation is still possible.

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Benefits of  Tilt and Turn Double Glazing


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