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Buyers Guide – 11 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying New Double Glazed Products

Posted: Thursday, 29 June 2017 @ 12:04

gethelp with buying double glazingIf you have decided the time has come to replace your old windows, then having a little help before buying will go a long way to making the process as stress free as possible and also a successful experience.

Knowing the right questions to ask is not only important but essential for your bank account. Buying from the wrong company can be a very costly mistake and one we want to help you avoid.

Do your research, the time and effort spent looking into a company’s profile will be well worth it at the end of the day. Replacing your windows is a large investment and the process should not be rushed.

Take your time to find the right company.


Key Qualities to look for in a Double Glazing Manufacturer;

  • Established (trading for over 10 years)
  • Reputable
  • Offers a personal service
  • Professional
  • Owns own premises
  • Demonstrates quality workmanship

Here are the 11 key questions that you should ask your double glazing installer.

  1. Are your windows energy rated?
    It is important to know what rating the supplier’s windows are graded, as this lets you know how much acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency you will obtain from the new windows. The grading is set out by the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) and is graded alphabetically G is the lowest rating and A is the highest
  2. What accreditation do you have?
    This allows you to assess the reputation of the installer. Installers must meet certain standards set by the organisations to be awarded any accreditation. Look for companies associated with organisations such as FENSA or another professional outfit like Planitherm or the BFRC.
  3. What warranties do you offer?
    A good double glazing company will offer at least a 10 year guarantee on the products they supply. So if you are in the unfortunate position of having an issue you will be covered under the warranty and the company will resolve the issue for you at no extra cost. Check to see what is excluded in these guarantees.
  4. Request the company’s full details.
    You will want to see proof of the companies;
    Full postal address
    Land line number
    Company number
    Show room address (not essential but a sign of an established thriving company)
  5. Where can I view your most recent projects?
    Ask to see and speak to a recent customer who is having a similar product installed to gauge the service and quality of the workmanship in progress. This is a very good and true indication of what you are likely to expect, if you should employee the company to work for you.
  1. Can you supply old and new testimonials?
    It’s just as important to read old testimonials as well as new ones as this achieves a few things; 1 it shows if the standard of work has been consistently good and 2 shows the company has been established over a long period of time.
  2. How long have you been established?
    A double glazing company that has been in business for over 10 years clearly shows that it has good business practice, has made its mark in the industry and therefore demonstrates it has good workmanship, reputation and provides a good service.
  3. Do you use subcontractors?
    Some double glazing companies actually outsource some of the work and therefore you are dealing with a 3rd Be sure to use a company that employees all its own staff and carries out all the work. This will ensure the quality of the work is constant and you are only dealing with one company during the whole process.
  4. What payment options do you offer?
    Find out if the company offers finance packages and discuss payment terms for a more flexible way to pay for your home improvements. This allows you to have a choice of how you pay for your new products.
  5. How do you invoice for the work?
    Avoid at all costs a company that wants to be paid up front or demands a large deposit. A reputable, professional company will not demand such payment terms. Ensure that all payment agreements are included in your contract.
  6. What is exactly included in the quote?
    When looking over the quotations (and you should get at least 3 to compare) check to see what is exactly is included and what the extras may be.
    Top Tip – When comparing quotes make sure the quality of the product is like for like so for example the energy rating of the window is the same. This then gives a fair comparison. Don’t compromise on good quality and service for the sake of saving a few pounds.
    At the same time make sure that timescales are also documented so you can plan around the small but necessary disruption when the company is on site.
  7. How do you dispose of the old frames?
    Nowadays the majority of old upvc window frames can be recycled so to help conserve the environment it is a wise choice to go with a company that recycles the old frames in order to keep the home improvement industry more sustainable.

Being prepared and asking the right questions will put you in a good position when you invite a company into your home to discuss your requirements. Remember at this stage you are interviewing them and you will decide which company will have the privilege of installing your new windows.

Being prepared lessens the chances of you being taken advantage of by the few unscrupulous firms out there that still manage to trade and deceive customers. Get to know the company you are going to intrust your home too. Generally speaking the longer the company has been in business this demonstrates it provides a good service installing new double glazed products.

Final Tip – Always get everything in writing and have a contact that documents your agreement this should include; the time scales of the project as well as the payment agreement. If you are unsure about any paper work you are issued seek advice before signing.

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