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Home Improvement Ideas Trending In 2015

Posted: Thursday, 29 June 2017 @ 12:04

Over the decade’s trends in fashion, food, cars and home improvement change. Some classic ideas stay constant and we see these repeatedly over the years, but are also new ideas that come along to inspire us.Home-improvement-ideas


So what are home owners looking for in 2015?

Home Extensions

With many property owners opting for a more open plan living environment or deciding they don’t want the stress, expense and hassle of moving, home extensions are a popular choice when considering how to improve your home.

Extending your home has many benefits; firstly it gives you the extra space you desire without having to move, and also adds financial value to your property.

Extensions can be in the form of either a conservatory, orangery or brick/stone extension.

A Few Examples Of The Types Of Home Extensions You Can Opt For:


It has to be said that a conservatory is the easiest and cheapest way to extend your home. If you are looking for a single storey ground floor extension at the back of your property and your budget is limited this may be the best option for you.

With a variety of styles, colours and sizes available the home owner can have a bespoke glazed extension to be proud of. The current new Veranda style conservatory and the popular lean to conservatory design are bang on trend this year.

With around 90,000 conservatories being installed last year we guarantee that the conservatory is a popular choice in 2015. Glazed extensions provide the home owner with a natural day light, space and a beautiful glazed room which they can use all year round.


An orangery compared to a conservatory provides a more seamless feel when it is added to the original house. This is due to the way it is built; it is built to blend effortlessly to the house. Therefore it makes the overall look and feel more solid and part of the existing house.

Orangeries like a conservatory are built as a single ground floor extension with lantern styled roofing.

The mixture of glazing and brick work defines the orangery and makes the room more private as well. Due to the extra materials and man power involved in building an orangery it is also more expensive than a conservatory. This said the return on an orangery when you sell your property will be more, so it is a good investment for now and the future.

Brick/Stone Extensions

The beauty of a brick/stone extension is it can be added on two levels, allowing you to gain additional space up stairs as well as down. A brick built extension is more of a building project and will therefore take longer to erecting than say the conservatory option.

Again this is a more expensive option, but it does have its benefits which include good insulation, being able to build on more than one level, and more suited for a room that needs privacy for example a bathroom.

Note: Building regulation approval will also need to be obtained for a brick built extension.

As for planning permission, this will depend on your local planning office and will they will be able to advise you whether this will applicable to your build. This is for any type of extension.

Other Trending Home Improvement ideas:

Sky Pod Roofs.

Modern sky pods provide much sought after light for rooms that potentially have a lack of natural day light due to the room’s layout. The new technology and the materials used today to manufacture sky pods ensure the problems of old do not occur nowadays. There is no longer the risk of leaks and they are also more cost effective. The sky pod can be used on extensions such as conservatories, orangeries or garage extensions.

Bi Folding Doors.

As well as extensions being a popular choice for home improvement projects the use of bi-folding doors within these new rooms are very much sought after.

Having panoramic views from the back of your property is being a must have for home owners who want to experience the most of the outside all year round.

Whether they are open, part open or closed the doors provide the best un-obstructive views available. So this new sliding/folding door system is really catching on.

Top Tip: Aluminium frames are the best you can install when it comes to bi-folding doors this is because of the material making them secure, very strong and able to have a slim frame.

Period Features.

Our love for all things ‘country and traditional’ such as stone cottages with timber windows, makes the desire for us to be able to add period features such as sash windows very much sought after. However until recently this wasn’t really a viable or sensible option as old timber sash windows were high maintenance, draughty and not energy efficient. But now with new modern day technology it is possible to get replica energy efficient uPVC versions.

New uPVC sash windows can also be coated in a variety of colours to match your door and your homes colour scheme.

Green Technology

More and more of us are looking to the future and caring for our planting, this leads us to want to buy products that are kind to the environment. Buying energy efficient products such as double glazed windows, solar panels, home appliances all help to protect the planet reducing co2 emissions.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the two key areas of any home and making the most of these two rooms is advised not only by estate agents, but other professionals like designers who are in the best position to give out advice on how you can make the most of your home and investment.

Quality and good design are the key elements when planning alterations to these rooms. Consider what works well now and what elements are missing, this way you won’t over look your day to day needs when it comes to the redesign of the rooms.

Gone are the days of patching up and fitting cheap replacements, think luxury, state of the art fittings and features and you will be on the right track to improving your home in the most up to date way and trendy fashion. This will then guarantee getting a better return in the future should you wish to sell.

Which ever home improvement projects you decide to take on in 2015, be sure to work with reputable and established companies to ensure you get the best advice, service and products.



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