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Check List – Buying A New Conservatory

Posted: Thursday, 29 June 2017 @ 12:04

Follow our guide to buying a new conservatory.

Have a Budget

  • It is really important that you have the funds to pay for the actual conservatory and the extras that will be needed to make your conservatory useable. Some double glazing companies will offer you finance for the conservatory but you will need additional funds to cover the areas listed below as these may not be included in the price of the conservatory. Flooring budget for materials and the labour to lay the flooring.
  • Heating which can either be under-floor or radiators.
  • Plastering on all or some of the walls.
  • Electrical points for appliances
  • Lighting points and switches

The size of your conservatory needs to be right for your living needs and your garden. If it is too small you will regret not having the additional few feet but on the flip side if you over build you will lose too much of the garden. So getting the size right is an important part of planning your new conservatory and shouldn’t be rushed.

Planning Permission

You shouldn’t need planning permission for more information read this article.

Conservatory Styles

There are a variety of different designs available from the traditional Victorian design to modern lean to conservatories. If the off the peg designs do not meet your requirements then discuss designing a bespoke conservatory with your glazing company.

Frames, Windows, Roofs and Doors

In todays market you will be able to buy frames in a variety of materials. Each has its own attractions and depending on your house and budget and personal taste will determine which version you choose.

UPVC – Offers the home owner a low maintenance and an economical solution. It will not wrap, rust or twist so will keep it’s good looks and condition in years to come.

Aluminium – An aluminium conservatory frame will cost double the cost of an uPVC frame but is very desirable and strong.

Timber – Again more expensive than uPVC and will also need some maintenance which will cost you money in the future.

The choice of glazing for the windows and roofs will affect the overall cost of the conservatory. For example Polycarbonate roofs are cheaper than glass roofs, so if you are looking at saving some money you may opt for the cheaper version. Your windows can be installed using double or triple glazing, discuss with the double glazing company the difference in costs and how much difference each window type will have on your energy bills and running of the conservatory.

You may wish to have a mixture of fixed and opening windows, plan where you would like these to go when designing your conservatory.

Consider how you want to join the conservatory to the house you could opt for French doors, bi-folding doors or sliding doors. This same process needs to be considered when opening the conservatory into the garden.

Choose The Conservatory Company Carefully

This is so important if you get this part wrong then you may as well through your hard earn cash down the drain. Not all double glazing companies are the same, you really need to do your research and also talk to your neighbours who already have conservatories, ask them who they used and what their experience was like.

Key things to look for when choosing a company to install your new conservatory;

  • Find a company that is established and reputable
  • Only use companies that are registered with organisations such as the BBA, FENSA and the British Fenestration Rating Council
  • Consider using a local company and ask to see their latest project in your area
  • Will provide you with warranties
  • Give you a working contract
  • Avoid companies you want to be paid in advance
  • Avoid companies that use sub-contractors
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